Tactile Launches With Focus On Synchronization Technology And $11.2M In Series A Funding

Funded by $11.2M in Series A funding from Accel Partners and Redpoint Ventures, Tactile recently launched with the intent of delivering applications that allow professionals to obtain integrated access to data from disparate data sources. The company’s first application, Tact, enables salespeople to synchronize and integrate data about contacts from multiple sources such as Gmail, LinkedIn, Salesforce and Outlook. Tactile’s patent pending “personal sync platform” enables users to combine data from disparate data sources in order to obtain an enriched, holistic, 360 degree view of data that would otherwise remain fragmented and siloed. As such, Tactile builds upon the possibilities for integration and synchronization enabled by cloud-based platforms such as iCloud and Evernote that can synchronize data dispersed across multiple devices.

Tactile CEO Chuck Ganapathi remarked on the contemporary importance of synchronization technologies as follows:

In our personal lives, we have come to expect everything — photos, music, documents — to be available everywhere and instantly up to date. Sync is the defining technology of this generation, and we are on a mission to bring its power to our work lives and deliver business applications that people love.

Here, Ganapathi echoes a remark by Steve Jobs about the importance of synchronization made in one of the last public talks before his death:

I pick up my iPad and it doesn’t have that song on it. So I have to sync my iPhone to my Mac. Then I have to sync my other devices to the Mac to get that song but then they’ve deposited some photos on the Mac so I have to sync the iPhone again with the Mac to get those photos and keeping those devices in sync is driving us crazy.

Whereas iCloud focuses on device synchronization for a specific set of iOS-based devices, Tactile specializes in data synchronization that leverages multiple applications. Given the increasing plurality of software applications whose functionality overlaps to the point where synchronization would be useful, if not imperative, Tactile stands poised to carve out a niche for itself based on the value proposition of putting the needs of the end-user first, and figuring out how to best serve those needs. With an impressive round of Series A funding in the bank, expect to hear more detailed announcements about Tactile’s approach to synchronization and the purview of its vision in the months ahead.


Concurrent Finalizes $4M In Series A Funding; Announces New CEO Gary Nakamura

Today, Concurrent Inc. announced the finalization of $4 million in Series A funding led by True Ventures and Rembrandt Venture Partners. The investment is intended to accelerate product development and expand the core team as part of the company’s larger project of simplifying application development within the Hadoop space. In conjunction with news of the funding, Concurrent also announced the appointment of Gary Nakamura as CEO. Nakamura comes to Concurrent with an illustrious tenure at Terracotta as Senior Vice President and General Manager and VP of World Wide Sales & Field Operations. Chris Wensel, Concurrent’s Founder and former CEO, will assume the role of CTO. Concurrent’s $4 million in Series A funding builds upon an initial seed investment of $900,000 in August 2011 that was similarly financed by True Ventures and Rembrandt Venture Partners. The Series A funding points to the success of Concurrent’s Cascading 2.1 platform for simplifying application development and management on Hadoop clusters.

Cascading delivers a framework that empowers developers to use Java languages to develop applications that operate on Hadoop instead of MapReduce. Used by the likes of Twitter, eBay and The Climate Corporation, Cascading joins forces with Concurrent’s platform Lingual, which provides a SQL interface for operating on Hadoop, in a concerted initiative to democratize developer access to Hadoop. In an interview with Cloud Computing Today, CEO Gary Nakamura noted that Concurrent intends to build on its initial momentum by delivering platforms that simplify and streamline application development on Hadoop as opposed to opting for the strategy of releasing a Hadoop distribution in the vein of Intel, EMC and others.

Concurrent already boasts partnerships with the likes of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure for managing application development and management within Hadoop infrastructures. Its Cascading framework is compatible with all Apache Hadoop distributions and claims more than 75,000 downloads per month. Given Concurrent’s notable acccomplishments with modest funding to date, the company is likely to expand its footprint in the space dedicated to simplifying Hadoop application development as a result of its new funding and CEO Gary Nakamura’s deep experience with enterprise software. As Hadoop distributions proliferate, expect to see the demand for simplified Hadoop development and management products skyrocket within the enterprise. Enterprise concerns about data security and consistency of application lifecycle management are additionally likely to fuel the demand for Hadoop management platforms, particularly given the increasing convergence between Big Data and cloud-based infrastructures.