Understanding The Significance Of Oracle’s Acquisition Of Datalogix

In late December, Oracle announced its intention to acquire digital marketing leader Datalogix. Datalogix specializes in understanding the relationship between digital marketing and offline purchases by leveraging its partnerships with over 1500 data partners who provide data about the purchasing patterns of roughly 110 million households. Headquartered in Westminister, CO, Datalogix boasts 650 customers including “82 of the top 100 US advertisers” such as Ford, Kraft, Facebook and Twitter. Datalogix aggregates data from its customers to enable digital marketers to personalize content to consumers across a variety of online channels. By acquiring Datalogix and integrating it into the Oracle Cloud, Oracle hopes to obtain an even more comprehensive picture about the online and offline activities of consumers that it can subsequently sell to advertisers and interested parties as illustrated below:

The graphic above illustrates how the acquisition of Datalogix complements Oracle’s larger data as a service platform. Datalogix provides the feather in Oracle’s cap with respect to cloud-based digital marketing by enhancing the data management capabilities of its 2014 acquisition BlueKai as well as the marketing automation functionality of its acquisitions of Eloqua and Responsys in 2012 and 2013 respectively. The acquisition of Datalogix augments Oracle’s analytics capabilities regarding offline and online consumer behavior and enables it to deliver an offering that allows customers to target, personalize and measure the results of marketing campaigns as noted above. Importantly, Datalogix positions Oracle to provide advertisers with the holy grail of data-driven marketing in the form of a master consumer identifier that maps to daily transactional data about brick and mortar consumer purchases as well as online social behavior such as social media-related actions and purchasing activities. In terms of its larger cloud strategy, the Datalogix acquisition catapults Oracle’s positioning within the cloud-based marketing space and gives it access to a trove of data that it can leverage for other products as well. All told, Oracle’s acquisition of Datalogix represents the icing on the cake for Oracle’s marketing-related acquisitions and a key addition to the Oracle Cloud as it gears up to continue asserting its presence in the market for cloud computing products and services.