Datos IO’s RecoverX 2.0 Delivers Data Backup and Recovery and Workload Migration Functionality for Hybrid Cloud Environments

Datos IO recently announced the release of RecoverX 2.0, a data management platform designed for the cloud that enhances the ability of customers to deliver data protection solutions as well as workload migration functionality, operational monitoring and enterprise policy management. RecoverX 2.0 expands the purview of Datos IO’s backup and recovery solutions from non-relational databases to relational databases and deepens its support for cloud-based applications and datastores. At the core of Datos IO’s mission is a commitment to supporting the management of applications and data within private, public and hybrid cloud environments as noted below by Datos IO CEO Tarun Thakur:

We are delivering a solution that no one has before. Cloud data management is not about selling boxes, appliances, or proprietary filesystems. It’s also not about porting legacy backup software to the cloud. Cloud data management is about reinventing the control plane with cloud principles in mind – elasticity, application-centricity, and scale – because that’s what enables customers to manage, protect, mobilize, and harness the value of their data across all cloud boundaries.

Here, Thakur remarks on “reinventing the control plane with cloud principles in mind” to give organizations the elasticity and scalability of the cloud while protecting data and serving the need to transport workloads, applications and data across diverse infrastructures. For example, RecoverX 2.0 gives organizations the ability to migrate on-premise applications to the cloud, inclusive of applications that leverage relational databases as well as the non-relational databases which Datos IO has historically supported. Moreover, this release features data protection support for relational database-based applications that extends to Microsoft SQL server hosted in either a private or public cloud environment as well as distributions of Apache Hadoop. Furthermore, RecoverX 2.0 delivers enterprise policy management functionality that automates backup and recovery processes in addition to operational metrics that provide granular, proactive insight regarding data protection processes. RecoverX 2.0 consolidates the positioning of Datos IO in the cloud data management space with a two pronged focus on backup and recovery and workload migration that positions it strongly to support the needs of organizations embracing cloud adoption and particularly, hybrid cloud infrastructures.


Datos IO Introduces RecoverX, Platform For Big Data And Cloud-Based Application Backup And Recovery

Datos IO recently announced the general availability of RecoverX, a data protection software platform for third platform applications and distributed databases. RecoverX has the ability to recover and protect SaaS, IoT and Analytics applications within on-premise and cloud-based environments. Designed for database environments that include DataStax, Apache Cassandra and MongoDB, RecoverX responds to a market need for scale-out data protection solutions capable of tackling data recovery problems specific to distributed database and application infrastructures. RecoverX boasts breakthrough deduplication capabilities that shrink the time and storage space required for backups by enabling backups to focus on incrementally new datasets in contrast to the entire dataset in question. The platform also delivers a scalable versioning infrastructure that simplifies the process of identifying versions of backups for recovery purposes. RecoverX’s functionality allows customers to designate a subset of infrastructure—whether it consist of a workload, infrastructure component, business unit or line of business–for recovery, as required. Datos IO co-founder and CEO, Tarun Thakur, remarked on the positioning of Datos IO and RecoverX within the broader contemporary computing market landscape as follows:

As enterprises seek to exploit large-volume, high-ingestion and real-time data, they are turning to scalable, eventually consistent, key-value systems. This fundamental shift raises critical issues in the lifecycle of data management, most notably the need for backup and recovery solutions able to scale with these next-generation systems. RecoverX empowers application and IT owners with enterprise-ready data protection purpose-built for third platform applications – and puts Datos IO at the forefront of a market space experiencing massive growth, yet until recently lacking in data protection and management at scale.

Here, Thakur speaks to RecoverX’s ability to deliver enterprise-grade, data protection solutions for massive volumes of “large-volume, high-ingestion and real-time” data use cases as a solution that can scale with heterogeneous ecosystems of third platform applications. Moreover, Thakur notes the shift in contemporary data management towards “eventually consistent, key-value systems” such as MongoDB and Cassandra that can manage massive, highly dynamic updates to databases at scale. RecoverX differentiates from traditional backup and recovery solutions by boasting the capability to scale in relation to massive volumes of varied data at high velocities housed in distributed applications and infrastructures. By enabling customers to perform backups in minutes using one click by taking advantage of its Consistent Orchestrated Distributed Recovery (CODR) architecture, the platform absolves customers of the problem of backup and recovery for large and dynamic data infrastructures and delivers granular visibility into the status of backup operations per the screenshot below:

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