Clustrix Announces $10M In Series D Funding For Distributed, Scale-Out SQL Database

Today, Clustrix, maker of the scalable SQL database designed for cloud deployments, announces the finalization of $10 million in Series D funding in a round led by HighBar Partners. The round brings the total capital raised by Clustrix to $56.5 million as a result of investments by HighBar Partners, Sequoia Capital, U.S. Venture Partners, ATA Ventures and Don Listwin. Clustrix belongs to the “NewSQL” class of platforms defined by the conjunction of relational database technology with the scale-out performance characteristic of NoSQL. The term “NewSQL” was coined by Forrester Analyst Matthew Aslett in a paper that analyzed prospective responses from SQL vendors to the challenge posed by the scalability, performance and real-time capabilities of NoSQL.

Real-time analytics are critical for transactional data in verticals such as e-commerce and social media as noted by Clustrix CEO Robin Purohit:

The need for operational databases that can analyze data in real-time has never been greater with the rapid growth of new hyperscale applications in business segments such as e-commerce, online gaming and advertisement. The additional funding will allow Clustrix to aggressively pursue the rapidly growing MySQL/NewSQL market with our proven scale-out database technology.

A distributed, SQL relational database, Clustrix’s customers include AOL and Symantec. The company competes in the rapidly growing NewSQL space with vendors such as FoundationDB (who recently acquired Akiban), ScaleBase, ScaleDB, GenieDB and NuoDB. Clustrix is available on “Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, GoGrid, Equinix and BlueBoxGroup,” according to a report in GigaOM.