NComputing Releases vSpace Server 7.1 To Enhance Its Virtualization Platform

Today, NComputing announces the release of its vSpace Server software that extends its desktop virtualization capabilities to Windows environments such as Windows Multipoint Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8. The latest release, vSpace Server 7.1, delivers enhanced graphics and a richer user experience for Windows users including expanded support for USB peripheral devices. vSpace Server 7.1 represents a key component of NComputing’s vSpace Virtualization Platform, a production-ready virtualization solution for medium sized companies that cannot afford desktop and application virtualization options from the likes of VMware and Citrix. Today’s release of vSpace Server 7.1 enhances NComputing’s vSpace Virtualization Platform and positions it to execute its strategy of building market share amongst small to medium sized businesses while concurrently targeting enterprise users through its partnership with Citrix and its N-Series thin client offering.

vSpace Server 7.1 is supported by vSpace Management Center, whose enhanced scale and management functionality allows IT administrators to manage tens of thousands of instances on servers, PCs and clients such as NComputing’s L300 or M300 thin clients. The vSpace Management Center’s user interface is illustrated by the screenshot below:

NComputing Management Console

NComputing’s desktop and application virtualization platform is additionally complemented by customer support options that include the NComputing Support and Subscription (SnS) programs, whose purview now includes vSpace Server and vSpace Management Center. NComputing’s CEO, Raj Dhingra, remarked on the significance of the release of vSpace Server as follows:

The latest major release of the vSpace Server software demonstrates NComputing’s continued commitment to simple, powerful and affordable desktop virtualization for mid-size enterprises, small to medium businesses and key verticals. By offering support for the latest Windows environments, users can continue rely on NComputing technology to grow and adapt to their emerging business needs.

Dhingra’s remarks elaborate on the significance of the vSpace Server release in the context of the simplicity, power and value specific to NComputing’s virtualization options. By extending support to Windows machines, today’s release marks a notable enhancement of a virtualization solution that targets a segment of the market overlooked by solutions geared toward the enterprise. NComputing’s two pronged strategy of targeting non-enterprise customers via the vSpace Virtualization Platform while courting the enterprise vis-à-vis its partnership with Citrix positions NComputing to quickly consolidate its early traction within the small to medium-sized business market as well as within select verticals such as healthcare and education.