Mirantis And CloudCamp Partner To Deliver OpenStack Training

Mirantis, an engineering consulting firm for open source software and OpenStack, has partnered with CloudCamp to deliver training courses in OpenStack technology. Based in Mountain View, California, Mirantis is an active member of and contributor of code to the OpenStack community. In person OpenStack training at workshops in Silicon Valley will be conducted by OpenStack technical architects employed by Mirantis in addition to volunteers from the broader OpenStack community. Online curricula will include videos and self-paced learning modules targeted toward system analysts and cloud architects interested in deepening their knowledge of OpenStack. The initial training workshops will cover OpenStack Compute and OpenStack Image Service, otherwise known as Nova and Glance respectively. Although courses will be delivered under CloudCamp branding, the long term vision of the collaboration between Mirantis and CloudCamp is to open-source all educational modules and training materials.

OpenStack community manager Stefano Maffulli praised the initiative taken by Mirantis and CloudCamp by noting: “It is great to see the community taking an active role in evangelizing OpenStack and spreading the knowledge. We are happy to see companies like Mirantis focus on education and training to meet the high demand for OpenStack talent and drive adoption of the technology.” Demand for engineers with OpenStack experience is likely to grow steeply as the cottage industry of enterprise grade OpenStack deployments proliferates. Mirantis stands aptly positioned to take a leadership role in OpenStack training given its Center of Excellence for OpenStack, an organization dedicated to assisting companies deploy OpenStack cloud-based solutions, and its development of an internal training program for OpenStack that it intends to adapt for broader consumption with the help of CloudCamp.