Meru Networks Announces Meru Xpress Cloud, Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi For SMBs

Meru Networks today announces the Meru Xpress Cloud, a Wi-FI solution that delivers enterprise-grade Wi-Fi to small to medium-size businesses that grapple with the challenges posed by the proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace. Architected using the Meru XP8i access point, the Meru Xpress Cloud boasts enhanced data security by ensuring that all corporate data remains behind the firewall. The Meru Xpress Cloud boasts a degree of operational simplicity that allows office staff with little to no specific IT expertise to deploy the Meru wireless solution alongside high performance, scalability, redundancy and security. Monetized by way of a subscription or a resale pricing model, the Meru Xpress Cloud competes with the likes of Cisco and Aruba by targeting SMB customers that have less upfront capital to invest in cloud-managed Wi-Fi and more operational capital to support deployment, operation and support of a long-term solution. Today’s announcement highlights yet another use case for cloud-based infrastructures in the form of cloud-managed Wi-Fi for SMBs that require enterprise-grade scalability and high performance in a technology environment characterized by the radical prolixity and explosive growth of end user devices that need to connect to Wi-Fi networks.