Act-On Launches SaaS Application Dedicated To Automation Of Inbound Marketing

Today, Act-On Software announced the launch of Act-On Inbound, a SaaS application that expands the purview of Act-On’s marketing software to include an offering dedicated to inbound marketing. Act-On Inbound integrates analytics across multiple inbound marketing channels to provide customers with a holistic picture of how website, blog and advertising campaigns facilitate lead generation as well as conversions. The resulting holistic picture of a customer’s inbound marketing profile enables enterprises to accurately measure the ROI of advertising campaigns and to proactively, iteratively refine content and advertising initiatives as the universe of digital content evolves.

Act-On Inbound features the following:

•SEO Enhancement

The solution provides customers with direction for improving website content, blogs and other landing pages after a thorough analysis of the SEO performance of each respective component of inbound content. Importantly, Act-On Inbound delivers SEO recommendations after performing a 360 degree evaluation of SEO performance across multiple sources of content in order to understand whether keywords perform differently in one content repository as opposed to others. The SEO analysis provides recommendations not only regarding keywords but also about the metadata underlying pages as well as their structural composition.

•Google Adwords Support

Act-On Inbound supports Google Adwords from within the application itself, empowering customers to obtain granular analytics about the performance of specific keywords and the ROI associated with Google Adwords campaigns. Customers can understand which keywords resulted in leads and revenue by way of Act-On Inbound’s integrated dashboard.

•Search History Analytics

Customers can leverage Act-On Inbound to analyze the search patterns of customers by segmenting search terms that resulted in inbound points of customer contact. The resulting search history analysis enables customers to tailor inbound content to the search patterns of prospective customers.

Act-On Inbound delivers its functionality by way of a single, comprehensive dashboard that allows users to effectively understand the performance of a customer’s inbound marketing universe both in its totality and in relation to analysis of its specific parts. In conjunction with the launch of Act-On Inbound, Act-On also recently announced the release of a mobile app that allows marketing professionals to access Act-On marketing dashboards and analytics from any mobile device. Act-On positions itself in the hot but intensely competitive marketing automation space featuring the likes of Marketo, whose post-IPO performance continues to impress shareholders.