Digital Realty Partners With Megaport To Launch Service Exchange To Facilitate Access To Multiple Cloud Providers

Digital Realty recently announced the release of a Service Exchange that facilitates access to multiple cloud providers by way of a direct, secure connection that bypasses the public internet. Digital Realty’s Service Exchange provides connections to Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. The Service Exchange expands Digital Realty’s portfolio of service offerings from data center, colocation and interconnection services to include a service offering aimed at enterprise customers seeking enhanced performance, reliability and scalability with respect to connecting to cloud providers as well as colocation facilities. Digital Realty’s Service Exchange is enabled by means of a partnership with Megaport, whose Megaport Service Exchange platform delivers the foundational infrastructure that enables Digital Realty Service Exchange customers to connect with cloud providers as illustrated below:


The Digital Realty Service Exchange competes directly with the Equinix Cloud Exchange and subsequently aims to carve out market share in the rapidly growing space of interconnection solutions for cloud service providers. The combination of Digital Realty’s experience delivering a global IT infrastructure to enterprise customers in conjunction with Megaport’s expertise in interconnection services means that Digital Realty Service Exchange customers stand to benefit from a service that specializes in empowering customers to tackle and surmount challenges related to predictable performance and security. The Digital Realty Service Exchange will be available as of Q4 in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Ashburn, VA. Plans are underway to render the Digital Realty Service Exchange available in 24 data centers spanning 15 markets by the middle of 2017.