ViON Partners With Virtustream To Deliver IaaS Cloud Services For Government Customers

ViON Corporation recently announced a partnership with IaaS vendor Virtustream that empowers it to deliver enterprise-grade cloud-based services to government customers. By partnering with Virtustream, Vion extends the purview of its services from storage and server solutions for datacenters to public and private cloud solutions as part of a strategy to build market traction within the increasingly lucrative market for cloud services for government agencies. The Virtustream-powered ViON Cloud allows customers to access Virtustream’s xStream-powered IaaS products and services to complement their on-premise datacenter infrastructures. In addition, ViON offers application migration and sizing functionality that facilitates the effective migration of on-premise workloads to the ViON cloud. Finally, the ViON partnership with Virtustream enables the development of private cloud solutions for customers that meet their own internal requirements. As such, ViON proposes a three pronged cloud offering marked by public cloud, private cloud and application migration services for government and commercial sectors in addition to consultative support regarding the achievement of Federal compliance requirements for cloud-based data. The partnership between ViON and Virtustream means that government organizations seeking cloud services now have, in ViON, a vendor with a long history of serving the IT needs of Federal and public-sector organizations. Meanwhile, Virtustream benefits from ViON’s relationships with government and commercial customers to accelerate the adoption of its IaaS technology within the government cloud space. Given the acknowledged depth and history of ViON’s relationships in the Federal and public sector space, and Virtustream’s active pursuit of FedRAMP certification, the ViON-VirtuStream partnership stands poised to introduce another serious contender to the government cloud landscape.

Microsoft’s Windows Azure Achieves FedRAMP Provisional Authority To Operate (P-ATO)

On Monday, Microsoft received FedRAMP Provisional Authority to Operate (P-ATO) from the Joint Authorization Board, an organization that certifies cloud vendors for use by the Federal government. FedRAMP standardizes “security assessments, authorization and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services.” The Joint Authorization Board is the governance body of FedRAMP and is composed of representatives from the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. General Services Administration. Even though Microsoft has yet to procure full Authority to Operate (ATO), the achievement of Provisional Authority to Operate represents a huge coup for Microsoft’s Windows Azure platform with respect to its plans to increase market share in the lucrative government cloud infrastructure space. Competitor Amazon Web Services has already procured full ATO status while HP, CGI Federal, Lockheed Martin and Akamai have received P-ATO status. Windows Azure represents the first combined IaaS and PaaS public cloud platform to achieve FedRAMP certification.