Google Cloud Source Repositories Enables Google Cloud Platform Customers To Store Source Code

Without a formal announcement, Google has launched a repository for storing code named Google Cloud Source Repositories. Currently in Beta, the repository allows users to store application-related code on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Users can set up a Git remote and perform push, pull, clone, log and other operations. The platform also allows users to connect a GitHub code repository to other code repositories such as GitHub or BitBucket. Additionally, the Google Cloud Source Repository features a Source Code Editor as well as integration with the Google Cloud Debugger. While the Google Cloud Source Repository hardly aspires to replace code repositories such as GitHub anytime in the near future, it represents yet another feather in the cap of the Google Cloud Platform in the form of a repository that enables customers to store, debug and deploy their code within the same platform. As such, the Google Cloud Source Repositories constitutes yet another moment in the evolution of the Google Cloud Platform into a one stop shopping ground for application development and hosting. Google Cloud Source Repositories participates in a larger ecosystem of code repositories for major IaaS platforms alongside the likes of the Amazon Web Services Git repository CodeCommit and Microsoft Azure’s Visual Studio Online service. The beta release of the platform currently allows for 500 MB of storage although developers should expect Google to monetize storage allocations for code in forthcoming months.