Elastica And Cisco Move From Reseller Agreement To Product Integration Of Cloud Web Security And Elastica CloudSOC

This week, Cisco announced a Security Everywhere strategy for the “cloud, network and endpoints” to help organizations ensure the security of mission critical applications and workloads. Cisco’s multivalent strategy includes Cisco Cloud Access Security to deliver security analytics and data protection for cloud-based infrastructures in collaboration with technology from Skyhigh Networks and Elastica. Elastica and Cisco have moved beyond the reseller agreement they announced in April of 2015 to a product integration between Cisco’s Cloud Web Security (CWS) and Elastica’s CloudSOC. The one click integration between Cisco’s Cloud Web Security (CWS) and Elastica’s CloudSOC radically streamlines and simplifies the ability of Cisco’s Cloud Web Security to take advantage of Elastica’s CloudSOC Shadow IT functionality for identifying and remediating usage of cloud-based applications within the corporate firewall or via authorized endpoint devices. The video clip below illustrates some of the synergies between Elastica CloudSOC and Cisco’s cloud security strategy and the corresponding elimination of the operational steps required to take advantage of CloudSOC’s ability to manage Shadow IT threats to an IT infrastructure. 


Elastica Partners With Cisco To Bring Data Science Driven Cloud Security To The Enterprise

Cloud application security vendor Elastica recently announced a partnership with Cisco that allows Cisco to resell Elastica’s Cloud Access Security Broker solutions to its customers. The partnership between Elastica and Cisco gives Cisco customers access to Elastica’s CloudSOC portfolio which includes IT risk assessments, deep visibility regarding live cloud application traffic and the ability to detect risky actions on the part of enterprise employees. Elastica’s Shadow IT risk assessment enables customers to prioritize risk ratings of applications in addition to analytics on cloud application usage within an organization. Meanwhile, Elastica’s Shadow Data analytics provide insight into data governance and compliance-related risks with a view toward providing direction regarding how improved data governance and renewed approaches to IT compliance can mitigate an organization’s overall IT risk. Another core Elastica CloudSOC product offering provides deep insight into live cloud application traffic and user activity by leveraging machine learning and semantic technologies that can identify compromised user accounts, high risk transactions and threatening user accounts by means of a proprietary, algorithmic ThreatScore. Elastica’s cloud application security solution draws upon cloud application API data via Elastic securelets that connect to the backend of cloud applications, live cloud application data regarding networking traffic as well as usage patterns and log data from third party security solutions. Elastica’s partnership with Cisco complements solutions such as Cisco’s Cisco Cloud Web Security (CWS), Web Security Appliance (WSA) and Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance by providing deep visibility into analytics related to the security of SaaS and cloud applications more generally. Moreover, Elastica stands to gain access to Cisco’s expansive channel of customers while Cisco benefits from the data science expertise that Elastica brings to the conversation regarding cloud security. Expect to hear more about Elastica as its partnership with Cisco deepens and fuels accelerated product innovation in collaboration with the needs of its evolving customer base.