nScaled Partners With Arrow Electronics To Distribute Its Cloud Disaster Recovery As a Service Solution

Today, nScaled announced a partnership with Arrow Electronics Inc. (Arrow) whereby Arrow’s enterprise computing solutions division will market nScaled’s Disaster Recovery as a Service solution in collaboration with its channel partners. As a result of the partnership, Arrow Electronics will integrate nScaled into its ArrowSphere platform and subsequently allow its partner community to price and configure nScaled for commercial availability within their channel ecosystems. nScaled offers Arrow’s channel partners the opportunity to market a disaster recovery solution that provides organizations with a cloud-based, disaster recovery solution designed to enable recovery of data and applications within less than 15 minutes. Built upon an infrastructure composed of datacenters in London, England, Ashburn, VA and Dallas, TX, nScaled’s cloud platform is divided into eight regions that collectively have the ability to ensure system uptime in the event that one of the regions fails. Moreover, one of the company’s SLAs promises the capability to recover all of the customers within a specific region in the event that region fails.

Customers can interact with nScaled’s solution by means of a visually rich user interface that illustrates the relationship between on-premise infrastructure components and their corresponding backup location within nScaled’s cloud platform. Moreover, the nScaled dashboard enables users to tag infrastructure components in order to selectively recover and restore infrastructure components related to a specific vertical or topic such as “Accounting” or “Customer X”. Customers set the frequency by which backups are performed and can choose to recover specific versions of the backup based on a time and date stamp. Targeted toward SMBs, the platform delivers a fully managed disaster recovery solution that absolves users of the necessity of building an offsite colocation center with all of its attendant capital expenses and maintenance requirements. In an interview with Cloud Computing Today, nScaled VP of Sales, Mark Jameson noted that the market for cloud-based disaster recovery as a service platforms is still very much in its infancy, although the space has shown tremendous growth over the last three years. Today’s announcement of a partnership with Arrow Electronics goes a long way toward extending the reach of nScaled and positions it to build on its designation by Forrester Research as a leader in the disaster as a recovery service space.