Appcito Announces Security Provisioning For AWS Applications With One Click

On October 6, application delivery vendor Appcito announced the addition of one-click provisioning of security rules for applications that run on the Amazon Web Services cloud. Appcito’s CAFÉ platform features load balancing, application security and application-related analytics via an application delivery architecture marked by limitless scalability. Appcito’s announcement of the ability to deploy security rules for their AWS applications by means of one click streamlines and simplifies the deployment of security rules and parameters. Customers can choose from a pre-defined library of security rules for popular frameworks such as WordPress, Joomla and SharePoint. Appcito’s pre-defined library of security rules empowers customers to deploy the appropriate security configuration for their application without extensive experimentation and testing. Moreover, Appcito updates rules daily to ensure their efficacy against the latest and greatest security threats. The security platform includes a web application firewall, Layer 4 Network Protection, Layer 7 DDoS, IP blacklisting and Bot protection. In addition to protection against security threats, the Appcito platform provides security analytics that allow users to customize their security rules and algorithms. The uniqueness of this week’s announcement, however, consists in Appcito’s ability to provision security rules with one click from a pre-defined library of security templates. Given the bewildering heterogeneity of cloud application security offerings in the contemporary software security landscape, the Appcito platform differentiates by way of its ability to simplify the process of adding security to cloud-based applications while concurrently offering customers a trove of rich analytics that they can mine to customize their deployment to respond to specific security threats and exigencies as illustrated below: