Basho’s Riak KV Integrates With Apache Mesos As a Result Of Collaboration With Cisco

Basho Technologies has announced the development of a framework that allows Riak KV to run on Apache Mesos in collaboration with Cisco. The integration of Riak KV, a highly available distributed database, with Apache Mesos allows users of Riak KV to take advantage of the conjunction of the massive scalability and operational simplicity of Mesos. As such, the conjunction of Riak KV and Apache Mesos enables Basho customers to embrace use cases featuring globally distributed internet of things data and big data applications that ingest massive volumes and velocities of streaming data. Mesos takes control of the infrastructure requirements of the system whereas Riak KV owns the data layer in the form of a NoSQL database that allows users to store and access data for interactive mobile and web applications that feature concurrent, real-time input from millions of users. The integration of Riak KV with Apache Mesos will be available on Cisco’s Intercloud, an evolving marketplace for cloud and big data products that features an emerging array of products for building hybrid clouds. By bringing Riak KV and Mesos into the mix, Cisco proleptically sets the stage for a turnkey, cloud-big data platform marked by the confluence of cloud infrastructures and big data stores such as Riak KV. The decision to integrate Apache Mesos alongside Riak KV underscores Cisco’s interest in operational simplicity given the reputation of Mesos for its ability to allocate shared resources in distributed data environments.  All told, Cisco continues to make systematic, step-wise progress toward a leadership role in the emerging cloud and big data space as evinced by Riak KV’s ability to leverage the scheduling, massive scalability and operational simplicity of the Mesos architecture. Customers should expect to hear more announcements from Cisco about how products such as Riak KV fit into a larger solution that leverages the other components of its portfolio, with an anticipated focus on increased integration between the cloud and data tiers of its Intercloud platform.


Mesosphere Raises $10.5M In Series A Funding To Manage Datacenter As One Machine

Mesosphere finalized $10.5M in Series A funding on Monday in a round led by Andreessen Horowitz. The San Francisco-based startup intends to commercialize Apache Mesos technology to help enterprises experience the datacenter-related economies of scale enjoyed by handful of internet giants such as Twitter, Netflix and eBay. Apache Mesos enables organizations to manage datacenters as if they are a single machine as opposed to a veritable ecosystem of computing, storage, networking and application components. Mesos technology aggregates datacenter resources and automates the processes required for day to day management of IT operations. Apache Mesos uses containerizer technology to “provide an environment for each executor and its tasks to run in” for purposes of “resource isolation” in contradistinction to containerization, which represents a “general concept that can encompass such things as packaging.” By encapsulating a datacenter within the rubric of one entity using Mesos technology, enterprises can enjoy improvements in resource utilization, fault tolerance, scalability, performance and simplicity of management. Brad Silverberg, co-founder of Fuel Capital, which also participated in the Series A funding raise, described the concept of managing a datacenter as one machine as “the holy grail of cloud computing” that had yet to be delivered successfully by any technology with the exception of Apache Mesos. Organizations that currently use Mesos technology include AirBnB, HubSpot, eBay, Netflix, OpenTable, PayPal and Twitter. Today’s funding raise also featured the participation of Data Collective in addition to Andreessen Horowitz and Fuel Capital.