Basho Appoints New CEO And CTO To Lead Riak, Its NoSQL Database Platform

Today, Basho named Adam Wray as CEO and Dave McCrory as CTO after recently losing outgoing CEO Greg Collins and CTO Justin Sheehy to other ventures. An open-source distributed database used by the likes of Best Buy, Comcast and the United Kingdom’s National Health Service, Basho’s flagship technology Riak delivers an enterprise-grade NoSQL platform marked by scalability, high availability and fault tolerance that can handle rapidly expanding datasets such as those from the internet of things, or telemetry, web-based and digital gaming data. In addition to Riak, Basho is the creator of Riak CS, a cloud-based object storage database. Incoming CEO Adam Wray commented on the market opportunity for Basho as follows:

Enterprises are getting serious about production-capable unstructured databases that scale, like NoSQL, and Basho is able to help them address this. Riak partners and investors support this need, and we have a long list of companies engaged to leverage our solutions – including The Weather Company, Best Buy and Comcast. I am looking forward to working with the management team and collaborating with the community and stakeholders to take advantage of the increasing enthusiasm within enterprises for non-structured databases that can scale across production environments.

Prior to Basho, Wray was most recently President and CEO of Iaas vendor Tier 3, which he grew to a company with a $10M+ annual rate from a startup with a small client base. Tier 3 was acquired by CenturyLink in November 2013. Previously, he held leadership roles at Amazon, Akamai Technologies and Limelight Networks. CTO McCrory comes to Basho after having served as SVP of engineering at Warner Music Group, senior architect at Cloud Foundry and cloud architect at VMware. Basho’s Riak technology competes against the likes of MongoDB, Cassandra, DataStax, CouchDB and Couchbase in a competitive NoSQL landscape that looks set to explode as enterprises become increasingly comfortable acquiring and managing non-relational datasets.


Basho Targets IaaS Providers, Telcos And Enterprise Private Clouds With Cloud Storage Solution Riak CS

Cambridge, MA based startup Basho Technologies recently announced the availability of Riak CS, a cloud storage solution that targets cloud products and services. Basho’s press release outlines three immediate use cases for Riak CS: (1) Cloud service providers can leverage Riak CS as the underlying cloud storage technology for their cloud solution; (2) Enterprises with private clouds can use Riak CS as the cloud storage platform for their private cloud environment; and (3) Companies with web-based applications can turn to Riak CS for their cloud storage needs. Importantly, Riak CS is compatible with the Amazon Web Services S3 API, thereby allowing customers to migrate data back and forth between AWS S3 and their Basho cloud storage solution as needed. The principal customers envisioned for Riak CS feature IaaS providers, telecommunications qua cloud service providers and enterprises seeking either storage for their private cloud or a dedicated storage solution. The launch of Riak CS positions Basho as a leading player in the hotly contested enterprise storage space alongside the likes of Box, Nirvanix, Zetta, Mezeo, Scality and Egnyte. Besides its implications for the world of enterprise cloud storage, the Riak CS product underscores the prevailing currency of Amazon Web Services APIs as a standard with which cloud vendors seek compatibility.