Pivotal and Datometry Collaborate to Enable Customers To Run Teradata Workloads on Pivotal Greenplum

Pivotal has partnered with Datometry to enable enterprises to run Teradata-based workloads on Pivotal Greenplum’s cloud-based data warehouse. The collaboration between Datometry and Pivotal empowers enterprises to transfer Teradata workloads to Pivotal’s Greenplum platform without costly and complex database migrations or application re-architecting. By using Datometry’s Hyper-Q for Pivotal Data Suite, customers can migrate Teradata workloads to natively run on Pivotal Greenplum, thereby taking advantage of Pivotal Greenplum’s open source, massively parallel processing architecture and its Pivotal Query Optimizer that specializes in scaling analytics that run on massive datasets while preserving throughput, latency and query performance more generally. Available on AWS and Microsoft Azure in addition to on-premise deployments, Pivotal Greenplum gives customers enhanced flexibility and speed with respect to Teradata workload migrations to the cloud. The collaboration between Pivotal and Datometry radically accelerates the ability of customers to move Teradata workloads to the cloud and correspondingly underscores the relevance of Pivotal Greenplum as a massively parallel processing data warehouse that supports loading speeds that can scale to “greater than 10 terabytes per hour, per rack” in addition to machine learning and SQL functionality. Expect the initiative led by Datometry and Pivotal to accelerate Teradata workload cloud migrations while concomitantly foregrounding the importance of Pivotal Greenplum to big data warehousing and analytics as well as the innovation of Datometry’s Hyper-Q data virtualization platform, which aspires to free data from vendor lock-in by making applications translatable from one database to another.

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