Datadog Announces General Availability Of APM Solution That Enables Integrated Insights Into Application and Infrastructure Performance From Datadog Platform

On February 15, Datadog announced the general availability of Application Performance Monitoring (APM). Datadog’s APM platform complements its infrastructure monitoring capabilities and enables it to deliver a holistic set of monitoring solutions that absolves customers of the need to implement siloed application and infrastructure monitoring solutions. Amit Agarwal, Chief Product Officer at Datadog, remarked on the significance of the company’s application monitoring capabilities as follows:

Based on customer demand, we are blurring the distinction between infrastructure monitoring and application performance monitoring by offering both within Datadog. We want to enable enterprises to benefit from APM deployed broadly across all of their hybrid or private cloud infrastructure that is running code. Traditionally, companies with scaling infrastructure are only deploying APM on a small percent of their applications or machines in order to cut down on costs.

Here, Agrawal elaborates on how Datadog’s APM capabilities motivate customers to select APM solutions for a broader subset of their application portfolio in contrast to “a small percent of their applications or machines” in order to curb costs. Moreover, Datadog’s APM offering facilitates the deployment of application performance monitoring for applications deployed within both private and hybrid cloud environments. Conceived in response to customer requests, the Datadog APM solution gives customers not only the combination of application and infrastructure performance monitoring, but more importantly, insight into the intersection between infrastructure and applications and their ability to reciprocally influence one another.

Key features of the Datadog APM platform include the detection of anomalies via machine learning-based algorithms, flame graphs that identify the most frequently used code paths, customizable dashboards and the ability to track end user application requests across host machines and other related infrastructure and application components. Datadog APM empowers Datadog to disrupt the space of IT monitoring platforms by leveraging the company’s machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to understand the reciprocity between the effect of applications on infrastructure, and conversely, the impact of infrastructure on applications. Importantly, the general availability of Datadog’s APM solution positions it strongly to go head to head with the likes of New Relic, Splunk and AppDynamics by taking advantage of its holistic analytics and advanced data visualization capabilities as illustrated by the dashboards below:

Expect Datadog to continue enhancing its APM solution and aggressively expanding market share in the application monitoring space now that its APM solution is generally available.

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