Minio Announces General Availability Of Object Storage Server Marked By Cloud Native Architecture

Palo Alto-based Minio recently announced the general availability of an object storage server designed for cloud-based environments. Minio empowers developers to store unstructured data in private and public cloud environments using a distributed object storage server featuring erasure code and bitrot detection capabilities. Minio’s ability to store massive volumes of unstructured data gives developers access to object storage with functionality analogous to Amazon S3 that can be extended to other cloud providers such as Digital Ocean and Packet. The platform boasts compatibility with Amazon S3, advanced data protection functionality and support for Lambda functions that automate the execution of scripts that operate on incoming or existing datasets. Available under an Apache version 2.0 license, Minio has been embraced by open source communities such as Mesos, Docker and Kubernetes that recognize its product differentiation as represented by its open source cloud-native architecture and streamlined deployment functionality. The company’s open source object storage platform claims over 125K code contributions and widespread deployment as a Docker container. The announcement of Minio’s general availability as a distributed object storage server marks a milestone in its evolution that builds upon its early adoption success and emergence as a key player in the cloud-native object storage space. Expect Minio’s adoption to continue expanding, particularly in light of its general availability announcement and deepening specialization in the delivery of cloud-native object storage solutions for massive quantities of unstructured data.

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