Kaseya Enhances Technician Experience And Improves Automation With Kaseya VSA 9.4 For Remote IT Monitoring and Management

Kaseya recently announced the general availability of Kaseya VSA 9.4, the company’s flagship IT management platform that specializes in remote monitoring and management solutions for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and small to mid-size businesses. Designed for on-premise, cloud-based and hybrid cloud environments, Kaseya leverages advanced analytics in conjunction with machine learning algorithms to create baselines of infrastructure and application performance. In addition to the development of baseline analytics regarding a company’s infrastructure, Kaseya remediates and proactively mitigates performance degradation and relevant IT issues of interest. Kaseya VSA 9.4 boasts enhanced support functionality for technicians that empowers customers to perform remote troubleshooting of IT infrastructures, even in cases marked by the lack of the installation of a Kaseya agent. Enhancements to the Kaseya technician experience also include the ability to troubleshoot issues from a mobile device as well as the related capability to deploy and use the technician’s preferred support applications on any device. Technicians using Kaseya also enjoy the benefits of a centralized search platform that accelerates access to users, groups and other views of the organization in question. Moreover, Kaseya technicians can now use a single dashboard to remotely managing networked devices such as printers and routers.

Separate from its slew of technician-related enhancements, Kaseya VSA 9.4 features updated discovery capabilities that improve the discovery and tagging of devices within a customer’s infrastructure as well as multi-subnet scanning support that facilitates the discovery of infrastructures spanning more than one network boundary. Kaseya VSA 9.4 strengthens Kaseya’s positioning as a leading IT management platform for MSPs and SMBs, particularly given the enhanced operational agility it confers on technicians and customers with respect to augmented remote support functionality. Expect Kaseya’s footprint in the IT management space to grow as the corresponding market for remote monitoring and management solutions expands in tandem with the proliferation of hybrid cloud infrastructures and their attendant demands for increasingly sophisticated and simple IT management frameworks.

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