Platform9 Announces General Availability of SaaS-based Managed Kubernetes Service

Platform9, the company behind a SaaS OpenStack-based private cloud, today announces the general availability of its Managed Kubernetes service. Platform9’s Managed Kubernetes service is available via a SaaS deployment model that reduces the operational complexity of deploying and managing a Kubernetes-based infrastructure. Platform9’s SaaS-based Managed Kubernetes platform empowers customers to create microservices-based applications that are agnostic to the underlying infrastructure on which they run. Customers can use Platform9’s Managed Kubernetes service to rapidly develop container-based applications that leverage Google’s Kubernetes container management framework and subsequently enjoy the benefits of the enhanced portability enabled by a SaaS platform. In addition to its Managed Kubernetes service, Platform9 today announces details of Fission, a serverless framework that delivers an interface to write functions that can be used to develop Kubernetes-based applications. Fission gives customers the ability to write and deploy functions that are triggered either manually or in correspondence with data-driven events that govern the timing of their execution. Fission enhances the intuitive interface delivered by Platform9’s Managed Kubernetes service by giving customers greater control of Kubernetes-based applications and bringing functionality analogous to that delivered by AWS Lambda to container-based applications.

Platform9’s Managed Kubernetes service enhances its OpenStack-based private cloud offering by deepening its ability to productize open source technologies for both infrastructure and application development. Today’s introduction of Fission marks yet another feather in Platform9’s cap by augmenting customer abilities to write functions that operate directly on container-based applications. Importantly, the nexus between Platform9’s infrastructure play qua its OpenStack private cloud offering and its application development functionality as evinced by its Managed Kubernetes platform strongly positions Platform9 to embrace both infrastructure and development use cases. As such, the general availability of its Managed Kubernetes service marks a milestone in its evolution and consolidates its diversification beyond infrastructure, rendering it an attractive acquisition target for a larger vendor seeking to ingest its demonstrated ability to deliver open source technologies as a service.

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