Apple’s CareKit For Healthcare Mobile Apps Integrates With Tresorit’s ZeroKit For Enhanced Cloud Security

Apple has announced that CareKit, its framework for creating healthcare-related apps, integrates with ZeroKit, a platform created by a company called Tresorit that delivers enhanced security for CareKit apps and their associated data. Even though CareKit data is encrypted on the iPhones of its individual users, CareKit does not manage encryption to the servers of developers and the sharing of healthcare-related data via its file sync and sharing functionality. Tresorit’s ZeroKit SDK enhances the security of the CareKit framework by bolstering the authentication protocols used for accessing the app and encrypting data prior to its storage on cloud-based servers. ZeroKit’s enhanced authentication protocols mitigate against hacking or compromises of user authentication data, more generally. In addition, ZeroKit delivers “zero knowledge” end to end encryption that allows no one, not even developers, to see patient data or passwords because of the application of encryption to all data.

ZeroKit’s encryption protocol is so strong that data is encrypted before storage in the cloud, thereby ensuring that data in motion, created during the development process, is as protected as data stored within CareKit’s cloud infrastructure.  ZeroKit’s SDK for cloud security is currently used by CarePro and DrNearMe. Because ZeroKit helps CareKit-based apps achieve HIPAA compliance, its partnership with CareKit strengthens CareKit’s positioning within the space of mobile app development for healthcare apps that empower healthcare providers to follow-up with patients regarding their conditions by enabling patients to track medication usage and metrics such as glucose, blood pressure, temperature and swelling.

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