AWS Announces EC2 Price Cuts Starting December 1

Amazon Web Services just announced a price cut on its C4. M4 and T2 instances that takes effect on December 1. Price cuts can amount to 5% for C4 instances and 10% for the M4 and T2 instances in the US East (Northern Virginia) region, with significantly higher price cuts of up to 25% in the Asia Pacific Mumbai and Singapore regions. The price reduction, which represents the 53rd price cut by Amazon Web Services, applies to all AWS regions and varies by platform and region. The announcement by AWS comes in the wake of notable declines in tech stocks given market uncertainty about President-elect Donald Trump’s position on offshore tech-related manufacturing and H1b visas, not to mention the question of Amazon CEO’s ownership of the Washington Post, which has been less than flattering of Trump in the months leading up to the election. Importantly, however, Amazon is sufficiently bullish on its own position that it can afford to make price cuts during a time of significant uncertainty for the technology industry more generally and, in so doing, pave the way for yet another round of IaaS price cuts from competitors such as Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud Platform.

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