Google Announces Jamboard, Cloud-based Whiteboard To Foster Collaboration And Creativity

Google today announced details of Jamboard, a “cloud-first” approach to the whiteboard marked by a 55 inch, 4 K touchscreen that allows team members to interact with another via an Android or iOS mobile device. Team members can observe “jam sessions” using a laptop or desktop but require mobile apps to contribute directly to the conversation. Users participating in a jam can submit Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and photos as well as add text and create digital sticky notes during the process of interacting with the Jamboard. Intended to spark collaboration and creativity, Google’s Jamboard competes with digital whiteboards such as Microsoft’s Surface Hub and the Hitachi FX-79E1 but differentiates by foregrounding the rebranded G-suite of cloud-based products and services as the foundation for all work. The results of jam sessions are saved to Google Drive to underscore the value of the G-suite for enterprise collaboration and communication.

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