Automic Software Version 12 Brings Enhanced Automation To Digital Transformation Initiatives Related To Hybrid Clouds

On October 4, Automic Software (Automic) announced the release of version 12 of its suite of products designed to enhance business automation and agility for enterprise operations teams. Responding to the challenges faced by operations teams in the wake of increasing cloud adoption, Automic delivers software that enhances the ability of enterprise operations teams to collaborate with DevOps resources and initiatives. Automic’s suite of business automation software applications helps organizations deploy and manage workloads across multiple environments as well as manage releases across a multitude of platforms and infrastructures. In addition, Automic Software orchestrates the delivery of automation throughout the technology stack, giving enterprises greater operational agility and efficiency with respect to the automation of manual processes.

Automic Software helps organizations navigate the challenge of transitioning workloads to the cloud by giving operations teams the tools to monitor and optimize applications that are hosted within hybrid cloud infrastructures. The company’s bevy of automation tools empowers customers to manage a fleet of applications in the cloud as illustrated by the dashboard below:


The graphic above, for example, shows how administrators can use Automic Software to quickly identify failed jobs in addition to relevant trends. Automic Software delivers analytics across disparate database and application siloes, thereby giving customers holistic insights that facilitate iteratively nuanced optimization, troubleshooting and architectural design. Automic’s new unified interface and new unified reporting and analytics tool provides customers with a consistent interface for queries and reports that collectively simplify and streamline the process of monitoring applications and the infrastructure on which they are hosted, regardless of whether the hosting environment in question features a cloud-based, on-premise or hybrid cloud infrastructure. Moreover, version 12 of the platform allows administrators to perform upgrades with zero downtime in addition to the ability to encapsulate applications for the purpose of expedited migration and deployment across different environments. Aimed at operations teams who have been tasked with managing a multitude of applications in the cloud, but lack the appropriate set of tools required to automate application upgrades, manage workloads and application releases, Automic Software seeks to ease the pain of cloud adoption by giving administrators a holistic set of tools to manage their portfolio of cloud-based applications. Expect Automic Software to expand its footprint in the space of business automation products as DevOps practices proliferate and correspondingly intensify the need for platforms capable of easing the burden of operations teams responsible for maintaining applications within hybrid cloud infrastructures.

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