Microsoft And Adobe Partner To Make Azure Adobe’s “Preferred Cloud Platform”

Microsoft and Adobe have announced a collaboration whereby Microsoft Azure will serve as Adobe’s “preferred cloud platform” for its Adobe Marketing Cloud, Creative Cloud and Document Cloud. Meanwhile, Microsoft has committed to making Adobe the marketing solution of choice for its Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise CRM solution. Microsoft’s sign-up of Adobe for Azure represents an important win for the Azure team as the partnership bolsters Azure’s roster of enterprise customers. Moreover, the collaboration between Microsoft and Adobe also suggests one way Microsoft may intend to use its acquisition of LinkedIn to help enterprises enrich their marketing and sales initiatives by taking advantage of the synergies between LinkedIn and the Adobe Marketing Cloud as noted by Kevin Lisota on GeekWire. The deepening of the relationship between Azure and the Adobe Marketing Cloud indicates Microsoft may use LinkedIn to bolster its Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise CRM Solution, which in turn stands to benefit from the marketing expertise delivered by the Adobe Marketing Cloud running on Azure.

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