Evernote Announces Plans To Transition To Google Cloud Platform

Evernote, the company behind the widely used platform for note taking and capturing digital content, has announced plans to transition its hosting infrastructure to the Google Cloud Platform. The company’s decision to transition to the cloud comes after years of managing its own servers and networking infrastructure. As noted in a blog post, Evernote believes that its transition to the cloud will deliver “improvements in performance, security, efficiency, and scalability” that enable it to focus on enhancing the execution of its product roadmap in contrast to managing infrastructure. By hosting its platform on the Google Cloud Platform, Evernote hopes to accelerate updates to infrastructure and the roll-out of features to end users. Separate from the Google Cloud Platform’s ability to enhance its IT infrastructure, Evernote also hopes to take advantage of Google’s deep-learning technologies as noted below by Ben McCormack, Evernote’s VP of Operations:

In addition to scale, speed, and stability, Google will also give Evernote access to some of the same deep-learning technologies that power services like translation, photo management, and voice search. We look forward to taking advantage of these technologies to help you more easily connect your ideas, search for information in Evernote, and find the right note at the moment you need it. That’s exciting to us, and we’re already exploring some ideas that we think you’ll love.

Here, McCormack remarks on how its partnership with Google promises to enhance its product with the technologies responsible for much of the richness of Google’s translation, image management and voice search capabilities. As such, Evernote’s collaboration with Google stands to enrich its collaboration, search and storage capabilities and subsequently augment its collaboration and content management functionality. Evernote is working with Google to transition its software to the Google Cloud and plans to complete the migration by 2016. Evernote’s migration to the Google Cloud Platform illustrates the depth of the company’s transformation over the last year and additionally suggests the birth of exciting possibilities for product development that leverage Google’s machine learning capabilities. Meanwhile, Evernote’s decision to partner with Google as opposed to AWS or Microsoft Azure represents yet another coup for the Google Cloud Platform, which is steadily building out a roster of high-profile enterprise and startup customers under the leadership of Diane Greene.

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