DigitalOcean Announces Hatch, Startup Online Incubator Program

DigitalOcean today announces Hatch, a global online incubator that intends to help startups scale their operations and develop their products. Hatch provides startups with $100,000 in access credits toward the DigitalOcean cloud for a year in addition to training, mentorship and a community of other founders, advisors and investors. Currently in Beta, Hatch will work with 100 startups in the first 30 days of its launch while it enriches the set of offerings available to members of its incubator program and refines its process for onboarding other startups. Hatch aims to help startups decrease their expenses and subsequently empower them to focus on developing and selling their products. DigitalOcean’s online incubator Hatch reflects its history as a member of the TechStars accelerator program and its larger commitment to ensuring that startups focus on running their business instead of managing IT infrastructure as an IaaS platform geared toward the needs of developers and startups.

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