SecureAuth Announces Identity And Access Management Platform For SaaS Applications

SecureAuth Corporation today announced details of SecureAuth Cloud Access, a cloud-based platform that delivers single sign-on functionality and multi-factor authentication to SaaS applications within the enterprise. SecureAuth Cloud Access streamlines and simplifies identity and access management by giving enterprises a unified user interface for managing access to SaaS applications, thereby enabling IT administrators to more effectively track, monitor and control access to cloud-based applications from devices operating within their IT infrastructure. With support for over 8000 SaaS apps, SecureAuth Cloud Access also boasts the ability to customize parameters for the activation of multi-factor authentication. For example, customers can decide to configure multi-factor authentication in the event that a user attempts to authenticate from black-listed geographies or tries multiple authentications from such geographically disparate locations with a frequency that raises suspicions about the legitimacy of the authentication attempts. An expansion of its on-premise counterpart, SecureAuth IdP, SecureAuth Cloud Access delivers analytics on the adoption of SaaS applications, usage trends and password strength to bolster the security of SaaS applications within their environment. As such, SecureAuth Cloud Access responds to the proliferation of SaaS apps within enterprises and empowers organizations to more effectively manage SaaS identity access management in ways that align with security protocols and practices used for their on-premise applications.

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