Pyze Announces Hyper Growth Tier That Enables Customized Segmentation Of User Behavior For Mobile App Analytics

Today, Pyze announces the addition of a new tier of services to its Growth Intelligence platform that augments its ability to deliver actionable business intelligence to mobile app publishers. The Pyze Hyper Growth Tier empowers mobile app publishers to transform user behavior into a dimension that can be used to more effectively understand application performance by way of the automated segmentation of users via behavioral attributes. For example, publishers of a mobile real estate app can create a dimension for first-time homeowners versus existing homeowners, or buyers interested in moving out of state vs. those that are shopping for homes locally. The newly enabled capability to create custom-defined dimensions enables mobile app users to obtain more targeted and granular insights regarding the drivers of user behavior within their app. The app dimensions within Pyze’s Hyper Growth Tier enhance the analytics enabled by Pyze’s out of the box metrics such as engagement, loyalty, attrition risk, revenue and app starts or sessions. Moreover, mobile app publishers have the ability to define new app dimensions as their app evolves in relation to its reception by end users. The graphic below illustrates the ability of the Pyze platform to deliver business intelligence about mobile app usage:


Here, the screenshot provides details about metrics such as the number of installations, application launches and user engagement. The availability of app dimensions via Pyze’s Hyper Growth Tier enables app owners to layer analytics such as those shown above with additional dimensions such as demographic data about users or other user attributes to enhance the richness of Pyze’s business intelligence even further. In conjunction with the release of app dimensions, Pyze today announces Personalization Intelligence and Revenue Intelligence that empower app publishers to deliver personalized content tailored to different user groups, including their history of revenue generation. Taken together, the release of app dimensions, Personalization Intelligence and Revenue Intelligence marks a significant set of enhancements to the Pyze platform that collectively enable mobile app publishers to derive granular business intelligence about the interaction between users and their apps and subsequently deliver more personalized content to their users. Available at a price of $99 per month for apps with less than a million users, the Pyze Growth Tier disrupts the market for mobile app business intelligence and continues to differentiate Pyze from other players in the mobile app analytics space.

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