DigitalOcean Launches Block Storage To Expand Storage Options For Developers

This week, DigitalOcean, the developer-centric IaaS platform, announced the release of Block Storage, an SSD storage offering that enables developers to expand storage for their droplets, the IT infrastructure offered by DigitalOcean that offers compute capability as well as local storage. The availability of Block Storage on the DigitalOcean platform allows developers to more effectively scale their SaaS applications and subsequently dedicate more of their attention to designing applications instead of managing infrastructure. Block storage is separated from the DigitalOcean Droplet, thereby facilitating high availability by ensuring that data is stored independently of the Droplet-based computing infrastructure. Moreover, data stored within DigitalOcean’s block storage is encrypted at rest and transmitted securely to droplets. The availability of Block Storage on the DigitalOcean platform marks a notable addition to DigitalOcean’s platform insofar as it gives developers greater flexibility with respect to storage options for their applications, particularly in a contemporary business environment marked by an explosion in the volume and variety of data that feeds today’s software applications. Customers can store up to 16 TB of data using DigitalOcean’s block storage product offering at a cost of $0.10/GB per month.

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