Microsoft Announces Plans To Make GE’s Predix IoT PaaS Available On Azure

On July 11, Microsoft Corporation announced a partnership with GE that will render GE’s Predix platform for the internet of things available on the Microsoft Azure public cloud platform. The announcement represents a notable coup for Microsoft Azure given that GE’s Predix is already hosted on Amazon Web Services, one of its principal competitors in the Infrastructure as a Service space. Built on Cloud Foundry, GE’s Predix platform is designed for the industrial internet and is subsequently optimized for data aggregation from a multitude of devices in addition to capabilities to deploy and build scalable applications that run analytics on IoT data. The partnership reinforces Microsoft’s leadership in the IoT space as exemplified by the Azure IoT suite and positions Microsoft to sharpen its competitive differentiation from AWS and the Google Cloud Platform with advanced capabilities for internet of things data capture, analytics and actionable business intelligence. Predix is expected to be generally available on Microsoft Azure by Q2 2017, with a developer preview in place by November 2016.

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