MongoDB Atlas Enhances Automation And Management Of Cloud-based MongoDB Deployments With Database As A Service Platform

On June 28 at MongoDB World, MongoDB announced details of MongoDB Atlas, a database as a service product platform for MongoDB. MongoDB Atlas renders it easier for MongoDB users to deploy and manage MongoDB on a multitude of cloud platforms. Whereas MongoDB users previously needed to manage discrete cloud-based MongoDB deployments to ensure scalability, high availability and security, they can now take advantage of MongoDB Atlas to automate cloud-related service operations across a plurality of cloud platforms. Dev Ittycheria, president and CEO of MongoDB, remarked on the significance of MongoDB Atlas as follows:

MongoDB Altas takes everything we know about operating MongoDB and packages it into a convenient, secure, elastic, on-demand service. This new offering is yet another major milestone for the most feature rich and popular database for modern applications, and expands the options for how customers can consume the technology – in their own data centers, in the cloud, and now as a service.

Here, Ittycheria comments on the ability of MongoDB Atlas to render MongoDB into a turnkey platform that allows developers to consume MongoDB as an on-demand service marked by elastic scalability. MongoDB Atlas delivers elastic scalability to cloud-based MongoDB deployments in addition to provisioning and upgrades as well as backup and recovery services. The elastic scalability delivered by MongoDB Atlas features automatic sharding functionality that allows for scaling with no application downtime. The MongoDB Atlas screenshot below gives customers a snapshot of metrics related to MongoDB deployments within the AWS North Virginia region:

mongodb image file 4

As the graphic above illustrates, customers can use MongoDB Atlas to understand and monitor pricing across a multitude of instances. The larger vision of MongoDB Atlas, however, consists in its ability to deliver automation and oversight of MongoDB deployments across a multitude of cloud platforms, thereby giving customers a centralized platform from which to manage all of their cloud-based MongoDB infrastructures. MongoDB Atlas is currently available on Amazon Web Services although integrations with Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud Platform are expected soon. The release of the platform marks a breakthrough moment not only with respect to enhanced capabilities for deployment and ongoing management of MongoDB but also with respect to data sovereignty and data governance, particularly in the context of multi-cloud, regionally dispersed hybrid cloud deployments. Expect MongoDB Atlas to facilitate increased adoption of MongoDB and subsequently expand its market share within the space of NoSQL, document-oriented databases.

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