Docker 1.12 Integrates Orchestration Capabilities Directly Into Docker Engine

On Monday, Docker announced integrated orchestration capabilities in Docker Engine, thereby streamlining access to container orchestration functionality in addition to simplifying the ongoing operational management of containers. The integration of orchestration functionality into the Docker Engine means that Docker Swarm components such as the Swarm Mode Manager, Swarm Mode Worker and load balancing functionality are now available within Docker Engine. By bringing Docker’s Swarm’s orchestration functionality into Docker Engine, Docker empowers customers to streamline and simplify the process of scaling container-based infrastructures. Docker Engine’s integrated orchestration functionality features service discovery, a strongly consistent data store and consistency, availability and resilience of the app. The integration of orchestration capabilities into Docker engine delivers enhanced operational simplicity and performance in addition to streamlined implementation of robust security. The default setting for orchestration functionality within Docker Engine will be set to off, thereby enabling Docker users to activate it as needed. Docker 1.12 is available on Mac OS X and PC Workstations via a public beta and on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, by means of a private beta. The integration of Docker orchestration directly into the Docker Engine represents a milestone in Docker’s evolution insofar as it underscores the maturity of containerization technology and a corresponding trajectory toward increased operational simplicity, performance and security.

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