Chef Launches Habitat To Facilitate Automation Of Application Configuration To Different IT Infrastructures

Chef recently announced the release of Habitat, an open source package for applications that give them the intelligence to reflexively organize and configure. Habitat renders applications independent of the environment and infrastructure used for their creation, thereby enhancing the ease with which applications can be deployed across a diverse range of IT environments. Applications deployed within a Habitat package consists of a Habitat package format in addition to a Habitat supervisor, the latter of which manages the constituent application, its peer relationships and security policies. The Habitat package facilitates the ability of applications to run on any IT infrastructure including bare metal infrastructure, IaaS or PaaS platforms as well as container-based environments and cluster management frameworks such as Kubernetes and Mesosphere. Drawing upon Chef’s deep experience with IT automation, Habitat is an open source product available under an Apache 2.0 license. Habitat responds to the need to render applications easily configurable to different environments and infrastructures and subsequently accelerates the process of porting applications from one IT infrastructure to another.

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