CloudBolt Announces Cloud Bursting Functionality For Its Cloud Management Platform

This week, CloudBolt announced the availability of cloud bursting functionality to its cloud management platform that allow IT teams to take advantage of the public cloud to dramatically scale applications that are hosted in on-premise environments. Whereas cloud bursting has historically been limited to companies with large IT infrastructures, CloudBolt renders it easier for customers of all sizes to scale applications that are experiencing significant traffic spikes by automating and simplifying the steps that enable auto-scaling to cloud environments. CloudBolt delivers cloud bursting capabilities by allowing customers to scale applications to public clouds, private clouds or even physical servers. The CloudBolt platform supports cloud bursting for seven public clouds including Azure, AWS and OpenStack as well as VMware and additional physical servers. Customers can configure thresholds that dictate the activation of cloud bursting functionality as well as automate the scale-back of applications from cloud hosting environments to an on-premise infrastructure. The key value proposition of CloudBolt’s cloud bursting functionality, however, consists in the operational simplicity and automation that undergirds CloudBolt’s ability to help a broader range of customers optimize resource utilization by means of cloud bursting. Cloud bursting marks yet another feather in the cap of CloudBolt’s cloud management platform that augments and complements its ability to deliver cloud-based self-service IT and holistic hybrid cloud management more generally.

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