Volkswagen Group Joins Cloud Foundry As Automotive Industry Continues To Support Innovation In The Cloud

This week, the Volkswagen Group joined the Cloud Foundry Foundation as a silver member. By joining the Cloud Foundry Foundation, the Volkswagen Group will provide thought leadership and input about how Cloud Foundry can more effectively serve its needs and those of the automotive industry in general. The decision by the Volkswagen Group to join the Cloud Foundry Foundation as a silver member illustrates the trend of tighter integration between the automotive industry and cloud-based platforms that accelerate, streamline and simplify application development across public and private clouds. Moreover, Volkswagen’s sponsorship underscores and builds upon its commitment to open source cloud technologies as evinced by its April 6, 2016 announcement of its decision to select OpenStack as the IaaS cloud platform to undergird its IT innovation and automation projects. Expect more automotive manufacturers to support Cloud Foundry, going forward, as the platform increasingly supports the development and delivery of Internet of Things and telematics-related applications for automobile manufacturers and consumers, alike.

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