SpaceBelt Promises Satellite-based Cloud Storage That Bypasses The Internet

On Tuesday, The Cloud Constellation Corporation announced news of SpaceBelt, a satellite-based cloud computing storage infrastructure that bypasses the need to transmit data through internet-based networks. SpaceBelt delivers a global cloud network marked by enhanced data security, high throughput and low latency in addition to cost-savings in comparison to earth-based data centers. The company’s patent pending, satellite-based technology allows organizations to store and access sensitive data without using either the public or private internet, thereby addressing cybersecurity concerns as well as avoiding the necessity to replicate data in alternate geographies for backup and redundancy purposes. SpaceBelt’s satellite cloud storage technology further intends to enable organizations to circumvent compliance-related regulations regarding data storage by delivering a cloud storage solution in space, literally above the cloud. The launch of SpaceBelt raises questions as to whether multinational organizations will clamor for jurisdictional constraints on space-based cloud storage, but for now, the company’s business model avoids geographic exposures to threats to cybersecurity and regulations related to data storage across national and international boundaries.

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