Rancher Labs Raises $20M In Series B Funding For Its Container Management Platform

Rancher Labs recently announced $20M in Series B funding led by a new investor in the form of GRC SinoGreen. Existing investors Mayfield and Nexus Venture Partners also participated in the round. The announcement of Rancher’s Series B round comes roughly six weeks after news of the general availability of Rancher 1.0, the open source container management platform that supports the Docker Swarm and Kubernetes container orchestration frameworks. The Series B funding will be used to support the expansion of sales and marketing operations and, as noted by Rancher co-founder Shannon Williams, in an interview with Cloud Computing Today, iteratively accelerate product development as a result of customer feedback. The funding raise underscores meteoric adoption of Rancher’s open source product and its unique positioning as a cloud-agnostic container management platform that works on any public cloud, private cloud or on-premise deployment. As one of the few container management platforms that gives customers the flexibility to deploy more than one container orchestration framework for concurrent container deployments, Rancher’s capital raise positions it strongly to support customer demand and consolidate its leadership position in the container management space.

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