Google’s BigQuery Integrates With Google Drive And Queries Google Sheets

Google recently announced the integration of BigQuery, its fully managed data warehouse that allows customers to store and query petabytes of data using SQL and a utility-based pricing model, with its consumer facing Google Drive application. As a result of the integration, users can query files stored in Google Drive directly from the BigQuery user interface, without loading them into BigQuery. Moreover, users can save the results of queries on Google Sheets directly into Google Sheets, and update those queries as data within Google Sheets dynamically changes. The integration between Google BigQuery and Google Drive breaks down the barrier between the Google Cloud Platform and its Google Apps suite and correspondingly gives Google Cloud Platform customers a more seamless, integrated experience with respect to the ability to query data that resides outside of BigQuery. More importantly, the integration provides Google Drive users with an extra incentive to tap into the lightning fast SQL queries of BigQuery and explore its capabilities for querying data as a prelude to a more sustained investigation of its ability to analyze massive datasets and its impressive integrations with third parties such as Tableau, Talend and Qlik.

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