OpsDataStore 1.1 Delivers Real-Time Analytics On Integrated IT Stack To Improve Online Service Quality

On May 3, OpsDataSore announced the release of version 1.1 of its platform for delivering integrated analytics on IT and application performance toward the end of improving the service quality of online applications. Version 1.1 of OpsDataStore features the ability to obtain actionable business intelligence about the performance of an IT infrastructure in real-time. OpsDataStore empowers customers to use one tool to understand the state of their IT infrastructure instead of a constellation of application and infrastructure monitoring tools that require orchestration and integration. Instead, OpsDataStore delivers multivariate analytics that allow for the identification of root causes associated with a specific data issue such as application slowness or infrastructure failures. As a result of OpsDataStore’s real-time capabilities, customers can explore real-time interactive visualizations of IT and application performance using Tableau and other business intelligence platforms to obtain real-time insight into their IT operations. The innovation of the platform consists in its ability to richly integrate across the entire technology stack, thereby giving customers enhanced operational simplicity with monitoring and analytics in conjunction with advanced analytics that enable expedited insight, diagnosis and troubleshooting. Built on a Cassandra-based platform for the ingestion and storage of Big Data, OpsDataStore aims to disrupt the landscape for IT monitoring and analytics by delivering an unprecedented degree of insight into IT operations that accelerates the resolution of issues affecting online service quality.

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