Red Hat Announces General Availability Of Integrated, Hybrid Cloud Platforms, Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8 And Red Hat Cloud Suite

Red Hat today announces the general availability of Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8 and the Red Hat Cloud Suite. Based on OpenStack Liberty, the most recent release of OpenStack from the OpenStack Foundation, Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8 delivers an integrated cloud platform featuring enhanced customer accessibility to its storage and cloud management products, Red Hat Ceph and Red Hat CloudForms, respectively. In addition, Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8 boasts improved abilities to automate upgrades from previous to later versions of the Red Hat OpenStack Platform. Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8 also delivers integrated capabilities for infrastructure and workload management courtesy of Red Hat CloudForms. Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8 customers can use Red Hat CloudForms to manage Red Hat Linux and Windows-based workloads that run on the OpenStack IaaS infrastructure and subsequently leverage the CloudForm platform’s orchestration, monitoring, reporting and governance functionality. Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8 comes bundled with Red Hat Ceph Storage and includes 64 TB of object or block storage. This release also features a preview of enhancements related to network virtualization functionality geared toward telcos. Expanding on the theme of product integration, Red Hat today also announces the availability of the Red Hat Cloud Suite, a portfolio of technologies that includes Red Hat’s container application platform, OpenShift, as yet another product option alongside Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8 as well as a unified management experience and infrastructure analytics capabilities.

Overall, today’s announcements reveal an integrated cloud platform that bridges public and private clouds, IaaS and PaaS platforms and development and operations teams. While product integration represents the larger theme from today’s announcement, both Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8 and the Red Hat Cloud Suite focus on delivering a turnkey, hybrid cloud portfolio of products that wisely avoids the trap of boiling the ocean by offering up an integrated cloud, Big Data and analytics infrastructure. Instead, Red Hat has chosen to focus on delivering an integrated platform for hybrid cloud deployment and management in conjunction with its OpenShift PaaS that gives customers a full stack of cloud infrastructure and application options that tap into its expertise and deep roots in productizing open source technologies for the enterprise.

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