Box Zones Delivers Geography-Specific Content Management To Box Customers

This week, Box announced the launch of Box Zones to deliver region-based Box functionality that gives customers the choice of storing data in specific geographic regions. For example, Box Zones currently supports data storage in the U.S., Ireland, Germany, Singapore and Japan, thereby giving customers the ability to designate the geography of their data storage for reasons driven by factors such as compliance, policy or operations. Enabled by a collaboration between Box and AWS and IBM, Box Zones intends to accelerate enterprise adoption of Box by giving companies more flexibility and control with respect to the storage of their data. The announcement of Box Zones builds on Box’s release of Box Governance, a framework that gives companies enhanced data retention and data security functionality, in addition to Box KeySafe, which gives customers the ability to own and manage their own encryption keys. Box’s decision to offer customers geography-specific data storage options renders its platform amenable to a broader variety of customers and use cases and stands to differentiate its offering sharply from other competitors such as Dropbox, which recently removed 90% of its infrastructure off the public cloud to its own infrastructure.

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