Sumo Logic Announces Integration Of Unstructured Log Data And Structured Metrics Data

Machine data analytics vendor Sumo Logic today announced the integration of structured metrics data with unstructured log data. As one of the first platforms to integrate metrics and log data in real-time, Sumo Logic expands possibilities for the delivery of actionable business intelligence with respect to infrastructure and application management. Sumo Logic’s integration of metrics with log data facilitates application diagnostics, optimization and troubleshooting via a graphical user interface that allows users to quickly identify trends and outliers. Sumo Logic’s recent extension of time-series analysis to its advanced analytics capabilities enables the delivery of even more granular analytics that empower customers to track infrastructure and operational KPIs that variously metamorphose as the application scales and more and more users engage with the platform. Sumo Logic’s integration of log and metrics data marks a notable breakthrough because of its ability to deliver actionable business intelligence on structured and unstructured data in ways that absolve users of the intensely manual process of shifting through log data to diagnose root causes associated with metrics. In a press release, Sumo Logic asserts that its “breakthrough” consists of its “ability to handle the unique structure types of log and time-series metrics data natively – within the context of each data type’s unique form,” in ways that subsequently allow users to understand the significance of log and machine data side by side or via a contextual overlay format. The integration of log and metric data marks a hugely notable addition to Sumo Logic’s portfolio by adding yet another data dimension to its multi-tenant, cloud native machine data analytics platform.

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