Automic Reveals Enhanced Application Release Automation Functionality

Automic today announced new functionality with respect to Application Release Automation. The company’s recently announced Application Release Functionality features a dashboard for visualizing the relationship between the team and application components that collectively participate in an application’s release. Organizations can use Automic’s pipeline visualization dashboard to more effectively identify the constellation of components that collaborate to deliver the release of an application. The visual representation of an application’s delivery pipeline empowers development and operations teams to iteratively optimize application releases by facilitating tighter DevOps collaboration and continuous improvement of existing build, deployment and release practices.

The company also announced the release of a cloud-based sandbox environment that enables prospective customers to try its solution before purchase in what amounts to the first publicly available sandbox in the application release automation space. In addition, Automic’s Application Release Automation allows customers to release applications for a multitude of constituents to both public and private clouds, enabling the build of large scale environments for application releases that correspondingly allow customers to leverage economies of scale to drive down costs while centralizing and simplifying day to day operations.

Moreover, Automic now features an integration with the Automic marketplace that renders it easier for developers to write, package and deploy their own scripts by means of the platform’s Action Builder platform. Automic’s integration with the Automic Marketplace means that members of the community have access to enhanced diversity with respect to the availability of code written for use within the platform as a result of the ability to review and re-use code written by other community members. Today’s announcements collectively illustrate the growing richness of Automic’s platform for release automation and its leadership within the DevOps landscape. Automic’s growth is further likely to be fueled by the contemporary IT environment’s amalgamation of on-premise and cloud environments, increasing IT sprawl and complexity and the corresponding need to automate releases for a multitude of applications to a heterogeneous assemblage of environments. Stay tuned for more details about the platform’s evolution in coming months, particularly with OpenStack founder and cloud industry veteran John Purrier as the company’s CTO.

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