Pyze Emerges From Stealth With Growth Intelligence Application For Mobile App Analytics

Pyze today emerged from stealth to announce details of Pyze Growth Intelligence, its business intelligence platform for publishers of mobile apps. Pyze Growth Intelligence empowers publishers of mobile apps to leverage real-time analytics and data visualization to increase user loyalty, identify users with ample potential for greater monetization, outreach effectively to churned users and communicate with users at risk of attrition. In addition, Pyze Growth Intelligence enables customers to obtain deep, actionable insights into users by identifying behavioral clustering, anomalous user behavior, trends and patterns as well as cohorts and groups. By delivering actionable business intelligence that helps marketers more deeply understand usage of their mobile apps as a means toward increasing revenue and user engagement, the Pyze Growth Intelligence platform empowers marketers to make data-driven decisions about how to grow their apps by means of the platform’s rich data visualization capabilities and interactive user interface. The screenshot below illustrates a sample of the platform’s data visualization functionality as it relates to the exploration of the app’s entire user base by means of automated segmentation:

The graphic above shows a segmentation of users by loyalty, revenue, engagement and attrition risk. As such, the Pyze Growth Intelligence platform delivers a “data scientist in a box” for mobile app publishers that reduces the need to depend on high value data scientist resources to create custom, data-driven analytics by tapping into the power of the platform’s deep contextualization and machine learning-based algorithms. To date, Pyze has raised $1.7M in seed funding from Double Rock Ventures and angel investors in New York and the Bay Area. The company also boasts the distinction of winning $0.5M in startup funding from the Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft BizSpark Plus. Pyze Growth Intelligence is now generally available, free of charge, in conjunction with a paid offering that features premium support, enhanced API data access and unlimited data retention. The company aims to disrupt the landscape for mobile app analytics by delivering an analytic richness coupled with actionable business intelligence and a visually rich interface that simplifies and enhances the process of understanding how to grow a mobile application.

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