Google Announces Alpha Release Of Google Cloud Machine Learning

Google recently announced the alpha release of Cloud Machine Learning, a managed, cloud-based framework for building machine learning models by using the TensorFlow framework that undergirds products such as Google Photos and Google Speech. Google’s Cloud Machine Learning platform features a Cloud Vision API that can categorize images into over a thousand categories such as “tree,” “book” and “car” and additionally identify “individual objects and faces within images” as well as read print within images. The platform also features a Cloud Speech API that can transcribe speech into text by using neural network models. Moreover, Google Cloud Machine Learning contains a Google Cloud Translate API that can translate source language into a supported target language, such as French to Japanese, for example. Google Cloud Machine Learning integrates with Google Cloud Dataflow in addition to data stores from Google Cloud Storage and Google BigQuery. By offering pre-trained machine learning models in conjunction with the capability to build customized models for specific scenarios and use cases, the platform delivers predictive modeling capabilities that can scale to support terabytes of data and rapidly proliferating data sources. Google Cloud Machine Learning competes with Amazon Machine Learning and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Haven On Demand, the latter of which is now commercially available on the Microsoft Azure platform. The alpha release of Google Cloud Machine Learning further illustrates Google’s investment in its Google Cloud Platform and the depth of its commitment to building an increasingly competitive position in the contemporary cloud computing market landscape.

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