Google Secures Home Depot As Google Cloud Platform Customer

The Google Cloud Platform has secured Home Depot as one of its clients in what amounts to a huge coup for Google’s cloud business as it continues to court the enterprise. Google also revealed Coca-Cola as one of its customers its Google Cloud Platform Next Conference in San Francisco alongside The Walt Disney Company. Former VMware CEO Diane Greene, who heads Google’s cloud business, noted that the company is “dead serious about this business” in a press conference. Greene further noted that Google has “spent billions on data centers and are going to use them as much as we can. This is a long-term, forever event.” The unveiling of Home Depot, Coca-Cola and The Walt Disney Company illustrates the success of the Google Cloud Platform in building relationships with enterprise customers under Greene and testifies to its seriousness in continuing to invest in the Google Cloud Platform infrastructure and its related applications. Wednesday’s disclosure of high profile customer signings from Google indicates that the three horse race between Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud Platform will only intensify in subsequent months, particularly as enterprises become increasingly comfortable migrating select workloads to public cloud environments and correspondingly develop and implement long-term cloud deployment strategies featuring partnerships with one or more of the industry’s leading cloud platforms.

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