Influitive Acquires Triggerfox To Build On Recent Momentum Regarding its AdvocateHub B2B Marketing Platform

On Tuesday, advocate marketing vendor Influitive announced the acquisition of Triggerfox, a mobile relationship management startup. Triggerfox delivers CRM functionality at the level of individual users, allowing users to receive notifications about birthdays, job changes and life events with respect to the people in their network. Influitive’s acquisition of Triggerfox promises to augment its B2B advocate marketing platform while expanding its team and expertise in mobile applications. Influitive delivers a platform that allows companies to leverage relationships with their own customers to further promote their products and build their brand. The Influitive AdvocateHub allows customers to seek referrals and recommendations from customers in exchange for points or awards that variously reward customers for promoting their products. The acquisition of Triggerfox by Influitive represents its second acquisition in less than a month, building upon its purchase of Ironark Software in early March. The purchase of Triggerfox also comes soon after news of an additional $8.2M in Series B funding that brings its total Series B funding to $38M and constitutes continued validation of the meteoric growth and success of Influitive’s innovative AdvocateHub platform.

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