Report: Apple Signs Deal With Google Cloud Platform

Unconfirmed reports claim that the Google Cloud Platform has scored Apple as another high profile customer, hot on the heels of its recent success in inking a deal with Spotify as the preferred cloud infrastructure for the popular streaming music service. Sources allege that Apple’s partnership with the Google Cloud Platform allow it to reduce its dependency on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, thereby enabling it to diversify its cloud-based vendor dependencies. Apple and Google have declined to comment. If true, the deal between Apple and the Google Cloud Platform throws into question the purpose of Apple’s massive build of its own datacenters, many of which were believed to be intended to house Apple’s forthcoming, proprietary cloud-based infrastructure. Regardless, the swirl of speculation positioning Apple as a potential customer of the Google Cloud Platform stands to reputationally benefit Google, which now appears poised to follow-through on its promise to aggressively court the enterprise with former VMware CEO Diane Greene at the helm of Google’s cloud business.


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